A ticket gives you access to:
- Three organic and fresh meals a day, snacks and fruits included, and fair trade coffee and tea
- A place to put your matrass and sleeping bag (indoors ;) )
- The program with prayers, workshops, ...

The price we ask you is just enough to pay for the costs.
- In case you have difficulties with the price because of your financial situation, use the voucher code 'Korting10' or 'Korting20' for a percentage discount of 10 or 20% on the total amount.
- If you have the means to pay more than the standard ticket, you are helping your fellow festival friends ;) with a lower budget to be able to come.
To contribute extra, you can increase your day tickets manually.

The presale period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Dweerse Kromstraat 35
9120 Melsele

When does the event happen?
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single day ticket (24h)


Weekend ticket

With this ticket you can come from fridaynight untill sundaynight/mondaymorning


Childrens ticket

Children can come for free.