KBF 2020 edition: BackToTheRoots

We give preference to people who will attend the whole week. If you prefer to come for a long weekend (Saturday till Tuesday) you can already reserve a ticket. This ticket will be approved once we haven't received enough order for the whole week.

Unfortunately we can't welcome people for only one day. Would you like to come multiple days and is it impossible to come for the week or from Saturday - Tuesday, please send us an email with your preference.

The price we ask you is just enough cover the costs. In case you stay for the whole week, the price for 1 day is a bit lower. In case you have difficulties with the price because of your financial situation, please contact us. If you have the means to pay more than the standard ticket, you are helping your fellow festival friends with a lower budget to be able to come. To contribute extra, you can increase your day tickets manually. A ticket gives you access to:
- Three organic and vegetarian meals a day, snacks and fruits included, and fair trade coffee and tea
- A place to put up your own tent
- Interesting workshops, speakers, music and movies

The presale period for this event is over.

Eemlandhoeve, Bunschoten-Spakenburg

Aug. 8th – 14th, 2020
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Children can come for free.


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If you already ordered a ticket

If you want to see or change the status and details of your order, click on the link in one of the emails we sent you during the order process. If you cannot find the link, click on the following button to request the link to your order to be sent to you again.